Face Anything



Don’t let anybody tell you that you’re ‘too’ much of anything.

We have started the #FACEANYTHING movement because we believe being your true self is the most powerful thing you can be. When you feel confident in the skin you are in, you can truly #FaceAnything thacomes your way.

Too Outspoken

A career behind the camera quickly turned into a career in front ofone after discovering a passion for beauty and make-up. Afterturning to blogging to document her journey from make-up novelist toartist, her career was thrown into jeopardy after developing adultacne. It affected her confidence, forced her to cancel plans andavoid going out.

In 2015 she realised that this wasn’t something to be ashamed of, itwas something we all needed to talk about. Em made a film about whatshe had been going through which went viral and now has over 31million views.

“Real beauty is all about owning who you are and beingunapologetically yourself.”

Too Mumsy

Juggling motherhood and a career is something a lot of mums canrelate to, and Louise is always looking for that perfect balance.

After starting her blog in 2009 Louise quickly realised this was herpassion. When her first daughter came along in 2011, she was tornbetween wanting to stay at home with her baby and continuing to growher career and follow her dream.

“I think I can do anything I want to, and can face anything Iwant to. And guess what… I think you can too!”

Too Bold

Since a young age, Lady Leshurr dreamt of becoming a rapper. Takinginspiration from some of the biggest names in the industry, she knewwhat she needed to do to succeed. She packed her bags and headed toLondon, leaving everything, and everyone she knew behind to pursueher dream.

Today, Lady Leshurr has truly made a name for herself, and one thather family can be proud of.

“You never know what’s going to happen, you have to trust yourgut and your heart.”

Too Confident

In 2012 Felicity began her career as a plus size model, which washardly the norm in the UK at the time. Even though she was breakingboundaries, revolutionising the industry and promoting bodypositivity, it was her weight, health and fitness people focused on.

In response, Felicity launched her own body positive movement, ‘SelfLove Brings Beauty.’ She strives for a world where everyone is seenas beautiful, where no two people are the same and confidence is nota size, age, shape or ability, it’s a feeling.

“You have to aspire to be the best version of yourself and notsomeone else.”

Too Open

Being open about her personal life came as a doctor’s order afterbeing diagnosed with life changing ulcerative colitis at the age of7.

Being ‘too open’ has helped Hannah in her own recovery, improved hermental health, enabled her to connect with people in similarsituations and ultimately raised awareness for IBD, stoma andinvisible disabilities.

“This experience showed me just how resilient I am.”

Too Strong

After retiring at the age of 60 following an extensive career in TV,radio, and as an author, boredom led Suzi into the world of bloggingand social media. Taking up a hobby which encompassed everything sheloves in life- filming, talking, interviewing people, photographyand fashion - has now turned into a full-time job for her.

Her key to success is the ability to be herself and be able to feedoff the positive energy from her audience.

“You can do anything, no matter how old you are.”

Too Dedicated

Jazmin is an Olympian, singer and graduate in law. From a young ageshe competed in sports but also dreamt of performing on stage.

By being dedicated to all of her passions Jazmin was able to sing inthe spotlight, get her law degree, and qualify for the Olympics.

“Don’t restrict yourself to just one thing; believe in yourselfand you can do it all.”

Too Driven

Having drive and ambition has enabled Tanya to pursue her dreamcareers, but juggling two challenging industries isn’t always easy.

The digital influencer industry can be a taxing environment wherepeople strive for perfection, and regular rejection comes with beingan actress. Through it all, Tanya learned that no matter what, youhave to pick yourself up and keep reaching for your goals.

“Real beauty to me is about people being kind, nice and good toeveryone around you.”

Too Feminine

Having spent the majority of her life trying to feel validated byother people’s opinions of beauty, it wasn’t until she starteddefining her own standards of beauty that she flourished and becameher true self.

Making the decision to transition publicly forced Jamie to faceunfair judgement, discrimination, exclusion and ridicule throughouther journey. Through it all she has come out the other side andstands a strong, proud, transgender female, who couldn’t be happier.

“I’m proud of who I am and I feel stronger than ever.”


We are more than just words, we are action. That’s why we have partnered with the Young Women’s Trust. Together, we aim to raise £100k to support their amazing Coaching Service; helping 500 young women to develop the skills, confidence and strong mental health so they too can #FACEANYTHING.

Young Women's Trust

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The Young Women’s Trust helps the next generation of women become both skilled and resourceful; providing a platform for their voices to be heard.Our #FACEANYTHING campaign fits at the heart of what they do; expanding young women’s power and influence across the nation.

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