Discover our range of Olay clay face mask sticks with premium kaolin clay to effectively remove skin impurities leaving skin feeling refreshed and with a natural glow.

With precision application, our face mask sticks offer the perfect convenience of masking on-the- go whilst keeping your skin hydrated.

Face Mask

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  • OLAY Masks Fresh Reset Pink

    Our Fresh Reset mask with pink mineral complex micro-polishes away clogging surface cells, instantly resetting tired skin for the ultimate fresh look and feel

    - FRESH RESET: Perfect for a targeted refresh or an all-over skin reset
    - Precise Application
    - Fresh Skin Renewal
    - All mask, no mess!

  • OLAY Masks Pore Detox Black

    Our Pore Detox mask with black charcoal draws out impurities from deep within pores, reducing their appearance and leaving skin soft, refined and revived

    - PORE DETOX: Perfect for your T-Zone or an all-over deep clean
    - Precise Application
    - Deep Pore Extraction
    - All mask, no mess!

  • OLAY Masks Glow Boost Grey

    Our Glow Boost mask with white charcoal removes the buildup of dead skin cells to bring new healthy skin cells to the surface, revealing your skin’s natural glow

    - GLOW BOOST: Perfect for dull patches or an all-over natural glow
    - Precise Application
    - Radiant Skin Enhancement
    - All mask, no mess!